The one in the photo with me is my childhood sweetheart, and today who I refer to as Pop, and as of 2019, this year we celebrated our 55th wedding anniversary. 

We have 3 daughters, 3 sons-we-love, the loves of our daughters, 6 granddaughters, 2 grandsons-we-love, the loves of two of our granddaughters, one grandson we had for 21 years, and now there are 4 grandsons, (two are identical twins) 2 great-grandsons and 1 great-granddaughter.      


When our youngest turned three, and our two older girls, one was a preteen, and the other a teenager, I went to work at Raleigh Christian Day Care.      

Later, I became a caregiver for my Dad 12+ years in our home. After my Dad went to his heavenly home, we cared for Pop's Dad and Mom. Papaw lived with us a year before he went to our heavenly home, and we began to travel, but when home, we  always brought Mamaw back into our home, until she was 5 months shy of turning 100, when she was taken to our heavenly home. We cared for elderly parents in our home for 23 years,  

Then I went to work as a substitute teacher and in the kitchen of the nearby school. I loved working with the kids and the ladies, so I worked wherever I was needed. I worked until Pop retired.     


I go back to my 7th grade in junior high, when I believe I first showed signs of loving drawing. That year I was interested more in drawing than I was in school books. I also had an art class for a short period of time in junior high. During another class, I was drawing, drawing, drawing, and the teacher didn't stop me. I guess she figured I was doing something good. I drew many pictures of ladies in flowing dresses and special hair styles. I guess I thought I was going to be a fashion designer when I grew up. 

From the age of 23 through mid-thirties, i was also teaching preschoolers, in classes at our church, and I drawing pictures to go along with our lessons. 

Then later in life, I  joined a group of ladies with a retired teacher of art. In that group, I was introduced to oils. I only stayed with the group for two gatherings of us together. I quit because I was driving home at midnight by myself, and wasn't too comfortable with that. 

Later I was an eBay seller and sold children's clothing, and along with many of the orders for children, I drew pictures that went along with the clothes I was shipping, for the kids to color. 

Finally, I abruptly ended selling online, and dove into art. I was taking many photos, and still do, and many of these photos, the thoughts in my mind behind these photos was, I am going to paint this one day. Many beautiful sky-scapes are among my photos. When we travel, I take photos of the ocean, lakes, rivers, mountains, birds, flowers, butterflies, turtles, bears, deer, a rattlesnake once, alligators, old churches, old barns, old homes.

It bothers me that our old churches with the steeples, old barns, old home places are fading from our landscapes. With photos and paintings we can preserve these memories. 

 My art will be fresh and new works of fine art for your home, and gifts for your family and friends. Paintings are from my original drawings, inspiration from photographs, they also are my own pictures taken. Many photos will be from our travels about the United States throughout the past 19 years.     


In most of my paintings, you will see the naturalistic or naturalism style artwork, meaning I paint as I view flowers, landscapes, and wildlife in nature.


My favorite paints are acrylics, Golden's Artist Open Paints,  slower drying than traditional acrylics, and faster drying than oil paints. and using the techniques of oils, the painting can take on the look of an oil painting, and using the techniques of watercolors, the painting can take on the look of watercolors, thus instilling in me a love for these paints. I keep a limited palette of the paints, and choose only the organic, pure, and mostly transparent colors, and can mix a multide of various clean colors, making them everything I could want in paints.



I would be so pleased knowing my artwork was being enjoyed by someone as it decorated the walls of their family's home, office or workplace or place of worship or maybe it was purchased as a gift for family or friend. 

I welcome your special custom requests, such as... A painting in a special size for a special place in your home, place of work or worship. A painting of special colors appropriate for your decor  A special object or subject in the painting      


My pledge to all who visit with us, is to be an artist of daily drawings and paintings. I may not finish a painting every day, but daily I will work at what I love; I work with acrylics, oils, watercolors. My surfaces are watercolor paper, linen finish paper for acrylics, linen finish paper for oils, wrapped canvas, and canvas panels. I welcome the opportunity to bring art decor into your homes that you, your family and friends will enjoy for their beauty, and the messages and inspiration behind them. You are invited to visit with us often. 

Joyfully Painting for You,  

Rosie Foshee