"The Lord will perfect that which concerneth me....forsake not the works of thine own hands" Psalm 138:8 KJV This is the promise within my heart concerning my art. I don't believe I am able to sketch and paint works of art apart of Him.   

Some people may know me by Rosie Barnett, my maiden name, or Rosie Jane, my siblings & some childhood friends knew me by, and in 1964, Rosie Foshee, a name I took on when I married my childhood sweetheart. This year 2019 we celebrated our 55th anniversary.

The last thing an artist wants to do is to keep artworks to themselves. We grow and feel more complete in our role as an artist when we share artworks for beauty in your homes, for gifts treasured by family and friends, and for the work place, places of worship, etc... 

                                                     My Life Beginnings in Art

In jr. high school, I began showing interest in drawing. That year, along with a close friend, we drew ladies in flowing dresses and up-do hair styles. I guess we intended to be fashion designers. 

In 2005-2013, selling children's clothing, I drew pictures as coloring pages, as side gifts for the children. As I taught preschoolers at our church, and later working at Raleigh Christian Day Care, I drew the coloring pictures for the classes that I taught.

We cared for 3 elderly parents for a period of 23 years in our home. After my Dad went to our heavenly home, Papaw (Pop's Dad) came down with lung cancer. After he left us for our heavenly home, we began to travel, but when home we were faithful to bring Mamaw back into our home. Five months shy of 100, she left us for our heavenly home. During these years, art was on the back burner. Today art is on the front burner.   

I am a Mom of 3 daughters, and we have 3 sons-we-love, the loves of our daughters, also, I am a grandmother of 6 granddaughters, and we have 2 grandsons-we-love, the loves of 2 of our granddaughters, & 4 grandsons, and also, I am the great grandmother of 2 great grandsons and 1 great granddaughter.

I grew up at the side of my mother learning to make roses, that mimicked the plastic flowers that were in during those years, also sewing and quilting. I helped to make the quilts that covered our beds during my growing up years. I also took hand-me-down dresses, and from the upper portion I made the waistband for skirts. I would have a pan of dye on our cookstove that I would dip the skirts down into to freshen their color. I wore these skirts to school during the 9th through 12th grades. 

I give my Mother credit for the entrepreneurial spirit that she instilled in me. When we were creating the roses, afterwards I would go door to door in the neighborhood to sell them. My Mom died when I was 22 in 1968 from breast cancer and diabetes. I am thankful for the years my Mom was with us. She would be proud of what I do today. 

I want to share 4 words that keep one steadfast in one's artistic skills, passion, patience, persistence and prayer. Passion, we love what we do, patience and persistence, we never give up, we don't stay discouraged, we pull ourselves out of discouraging downtimes, and prayer, we look to the Creator of the universe, who enables us in our work, we look to the heaven and earth of the Creator for our inspiration.

Today I am an artist of paintings of faith, flowers, wildlife, land & seascapes in acrylics, oils & watercolors. 

I joined Etsy in 2014 for a short time and again this year 2019 and love it that I have a blog and online gallery with Pattern by Etsy along with an Etsy shop. 

Many of my paintings will post as MADE TO ORDER. I will be using Golden's Open slow-drying acrylics, with techniques used with oils, as these paints mimic oils. These acrylics are faster drying than oils, and slower drying than traditional acrylics which make them a favorite of many artists.

You can choose to have your painting an ACEO 2.5 x 3.5", or 5 x 7 greeting card, 140 lb. heavy weight, acid-free (archival quality) watercolor paper with white envelope, or up to 9 x 12 painting on 246 lb. heavy weight, acid-free, (archival quality) linen finish, that mimics canvas.  The paintings, including ACEO or greeting card, with matt if you choose, may be framed and given a place among your wall décor. 

There is no way to make identical paintings. It will vary by movements of the artist's arm & hand, brush movements, bristles of the brush. The paint mixtures will not be identical, so paint colors will vary, yet be similar. 

You may have ideas for your painting, so contact me, and share what you would love to see in your painting. 

Keep in mind each painting is a hand painted original, not a copy. 


I love hearing from guests and your requests for art will keep me painting, and I love that! 

If not satisfied, or if you change your mind, no problem. There will be others viewing the art, and the artwork may be what they are looking for.                       

Here you will discover FOREVER FREE SHIPPING in the USA.    

I welcome your sharing of my art site with your family, friends, church family, neighbors, co-workers, etc. 

Joyfully Painting for You, 
Rosie Foshee

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